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Hi, we're Skuve... and we're not your usual sort of band! We're an online collaboration from around the world, formed in 2016. We have never met each other and only communicate by email - which can make live performances rather difficult!


We are Mack, Davv and BK, as well as occasional member Ben. We write music from just about every genre... rock, pop, folk, country... you name it, we'll give it a go. 

You'll find Mack in Sweden, BK in USA and Davv in the UK. We're not real people, we're a virtual band represented by these awesome characters (created by Dattoka). 

3 (1).jpg

The band began as a duo when Mack and Davv started writing together. They were quickly joined by BK and Ben for their first album, before Ben left to focus on his other projects.


Mack is the vocalist and creator of melodies and is the main mix engineer. He lives in a small town in Sweden but is not the Swedish Chef from the Muppets


BK writes the lyrics and he remains the only band member with a beard. Legend says he has had the beard since the age of 4. He's from across the pond in USA


Davv puts the music together. He's from the UK and doesn't drive a Ferrari. He has a fear of Sweden, beards and ping-pong ball jugglers. 

Ben is also from UK and is an occasional of the group. He does some of the mixing and plays some additional instruments. In his spare time, Ben juggles ping-pong balls




"bigger" is a collection of tracks from Skuve's first four album. These songs have been their most streamed, most played and most requested, as well as some of the bands' personal favourites. A kind of "Greatest Hits" if you will! 

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Released in March 2020, "Unfamiliar" was Skuve's attempt at easy listening, consisting mainly of soul, R'n'B and big band styles. Of course, being Skuve, they threw a couple of curveballs in there! 


unfamiliar 8.jpg

The band's third album, "Chameleon" is 12 tracks of country rocking pop music. The album was meant to be released in late 2018 but circumstances meant that it had to be put on hold indefinitely. The band feel that the album highlights the diverse genres of music that they dip their toes in, a trait that earned them the nickname "musical chameleons" - a term that gave the album its name. 



The band had hoped to make Chameleon their second album but because of the obstacles the band faced in finishing it, they decided to put "Deviate" together. It was made up of songs that didn't really fit on either of the planned albums.


"The idea behind Deviate was to take the listener through musical decades and hopefully this means that there's something for everyone on this album!"



The debut album burst on the scene in June 2018. Ego, named so because so many of the songs on the album contained the word. It was described as a "blend of Bon Jovi-ish arena rock with country pop influences... 15 songs worth of impressive and accomplished diversity. There are big rockers, funky numbers, country tunes with all the slide guitar you can have, and gentle ballads"

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