Skuve Release Debut Album "Ego" Today

Ego is the debut album from multi-geographical, multi-disciplinary band Skuve. It forms a collection of 15 songs that represent life's everyday struggles and successes, liberally sprinkled with emotional highs and lows along the way with impressive and accomplished diversity.



The album opens with "Fly Away", an up-tempo pop/rock song pumped with optimism and energy. Th mood is echoed in "Sometimes I", a memorable pop song infused with country elements, with its cleverly crafted lyrics and uplifting chorus. This, like the album itself, demonstrates a persistence and determination to be heard.


In sharp contrast, the ambient "It's Your Life" and stripped-back feel of "I Quit" slow the tempo down significantly with poignant, relatable lyrics that allow singer Mack to demonstrate his silky, emotional vocals to their full potential.


Skuve shift up several gears with the seemingly out-of-place yet undeniably welcome title track from the album. "Ego" is a hefty rock tune which is driven by an arrogant bassline and drums that perfectly compliment the narcissistic message behind the lyrics.


"Such A Fleeting Life" brings the adventure to an upbeat conclusion, reminding the listener to cherish the memories built along life's bumpy journey with a driving beat and anthemic melody, heavily inspired by the band's own life experiences



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