You've done the easy bit...

March 8, 2018



You've formed the band. You've written the songs. You've even recorded the album and got it exactly how you want it to sound. And you've sent it off for distribution to all those streaming and download sites. You jut have to sit back and watch the royalties flood in. Simple, isn't it?


Actually no. In our experience, that was just the easy bit. Now you have to get people to hear your music and, more importantly, to buy it. It's time for the hard work of promotion to begin.


We've been finding places where we can promote our music, all for free. Until those royalties start flowing in, it's got to be free promotion for us all the way and if you are in the same position as us, perhaps you can try some of these ideas.


1. Facebook

It's a good place to start. Build yourself a band page on there and invite all your friends to like it and share it. Post regularly to remind everyone who you are but don't overshare - with the best intentions in the world, your friends will soon get bored!


2. Reverbnation

This site allows you to create a band profile and upload as many songs as you like (though they have to be small file sizes for the free membership). You can upgrade membership, which gives you access to "opportunities " - such as song competitions, video production, radio play etc.


3. Soundcloud

Another site to create a song profile and upload your tunes. You're limited to 3 hours worth of music on the free version but for us, that has so far been more than enough


4. Drooble

We've only just joined this one but it's proving quite useful. It's described as "social media for musicians" and has a similar look and feel of Facebook. You can earn "Karma" by liking, commenting and sharing, using the "Karma" to promote yourself within the site. All songs uploaded to Drooble are "Guaranteed radio play" on their site. At the time of writing, we've had almost 5000 plays


5. YouTube, Twitter and the usual suspects

We haven't really dabbled much in these - time constraints!


Of course, we've not made our first millions yet and so our strategy may not be the most effective. But so far, we haven't spent money on promotion and we've gathered a couple of thousand followers. And the first step on the path to success has got to be a solid foundation of followers, hasn't it?




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